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E.I.A. Projects (Pty) Ltd is a leading firm of consulting engineers and environmental specialists that together with its Clients co-create value and positive impacts on people, economies, and the environment.

We are committed to standards and ethical conduct anchored on excellence and a business model keyed on sustainable value creation.


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Excellence is no accident, it happens by design and is set on competitiveness, cost efficiency, strong capabilities, experience, and creation of feedback channels that guarantees strong client-consultant relationship.

Est. 2005


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Our experience and expertise in civil infrastructure design and development established us as one of the leading consultancy firms in Botswana and beyond.

We have successfully concluded projects of national importance, those funded by international development partners, and those with stringent completion timelines.

E.I.A. Projects has developed a niche in the art of value engineering and constantly meets the needs of clients.


- Pre-investment Studies
- Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies
- Cost-Benefit Analysis
- Economic Evaluation
- Assessment of Manpower
- Materials and Resources
- Master planning including system planning and formulation
- Project Appraisal
- Project Implementation Programming
- Sustainable sanitation solutions
- Protection of precious water resources


- ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
- Environmental and Social Assessments
- ABS (Access and Equitable Benefit Sharing)
- Topographical Surveys
- Hydrological Investigations
- Geological and Geo-technical surveys
- Structural and Hydraulic investigations
- Policy Analysis


- Data Base Management
- Infrastructure Planning
- Civil Works Design
- Engineering Calculations
- Structural Analysis
- Preparation of Drawings
- Tender Documentation
- Tender Evaluation
- Scrutiny and Award of Contract
- Construction Supervision
- Technical Assistance and Advisory Services
- Post Construction/DLP

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E.I.A Projects provides cutting edge engineering and environmental services. Our service provision is firmly rooted on Safety, Reliability, Efficiency, Quality and Cost efficiency.

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