E.I.A. Projects’ offers geological investigation services and provide professional advise on areas including;

  • Site investigation / mineral exploration programme design and costing
  • Drilling establishment, risk assessment and supervision
  • Geophysical surveying / logging and interpretation
  • Borehole rock and superficial deposit logging to relevant standard
  • Core logging relevant standard
  • Quarry Geo-technical Assessments to meet quarry design and health and safety requirements
  • Cross discipline consultation – geotechnical, hydro-geological, contamination, landfill gas, mineral assessment, mining appraisal
  • Geological GIS projects including regional mineral and landfill site search projects, GIS compilation
  • modeling and interpretation of mineral exploration datasets
  • 3-Dimensional geological modeling
  • 3-Dimensional quarry design and development plans
  • Mineral resource estimates
  • ‘Qualified persons’ throughout the company to undertake Mineral Resource Evaluation
  • Geological due diligence of mineral assets
  • Third party aggregate quality assessment and assurance
  • Rock face mapping
  • Geological conservation, geological heritage audits and management